Doctor Zhivago

Book by Michael Weller
Music by Lucy Simon
Lyrics by Michael Korie & Amy Powers
Based on Boris Pasternak’s novel

The Broadway Theatre
New York, 2015

Directed by Des McAnuff
Music Direction by Ron Melrose
Choreography by Kelly Devine
Scenic Design by Michael Scott-Mitchell
Costume Design by Paul Tazewell
Lighting Design by Howell Binkley
Orchestrations by Danny Troob

With Tam Mutu, Kelli Barrett,
Tom Hewitt, Paul Alexander Nolan,
Lora Lee Gayer, Jamie Jackson,
Jacqueline Antaramian, Jonah Halperin,
Sophia Gennusa, Ava-Riley Miles

National Theater of Hungary, 2016-2017
Budapest Summer Festival 2017

Directed by Forgács Péter
Conducted by Silló István & Köteles Géza

Malmö Opera, Sweden, 2014
Directed by Ronny Danielsson
Conducted by  Joakim Halli
With Christopher Wollter, Sanna Nielsen

Helsingin Kaupungin Teatteri , Finland, 2013
Directed by Hans Berndtsson
Conducted by Markku Luuppala
With Tuukka Leppänen

Charlotte Theater, Seoul, Korea, 2012
With Jo Seung-woo as Yurii Zhivago

Lyric Theatre, Sydney, Australia, 2011
Her Majesty’s Theatre, Melbourne, 2011
Lyric Theatre, Brisbane, 2011
With Anthony Warlow, Lucy Maunder

La Jolla Playhouse, San Diego, 2006
Directed by Des MacAnuff
Music Direction by Eric Stern
With Ivan Hernandez and Jessica Burrows


Doctor Zhivago is an earnest romance with an epic, operatic scope…..true to the spirit of its age (it) presents unabashed emotion too rarely seen on the contemporary stage. With a concise book by Michael Weller, eloquent lyrics by Michael Korie and Amy Powers and heartfelt music by Lucy Simon of The Secret Garden, the story of a doctor and poet and a smart, beautiful woman – both promised to others – is given estimable treatment. Simon gives them surging melodies with bold colors, and the score is filled with Russian-style grandeur. Des McAnuff directs a thoughtful production.”

–Ronni Reich, The Star Ledger

Doctor Zhivago…has survived its long journey from samizdat to Broadway, under Des McAnuff’s direction, with surprisingly respectable results.  Lucy Simon’s lovely, lush score isn’t overshadowed by the appearance of “Somewhere My Love”…a duet between Zhivago’s wife, Tonia and his great love, Lara, is unexpectedly touching.”

The New Yorker, May 4, 2015

“Lucy Simon’s music is lush and makes solid impressions. Yes, you’ll walk out of Doctor Zhivago humming a song.”

–Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter

“The score by composer Lucy Simon and lyricists Michael Korie and Amy Powers resonates.”

–Joe Dziemianowicz, Daily News

“A strong musical score by Lucy Simon and poignant lyrics by Michael Korie and Amy Powers are beautifully performed by all the cast…To transform and abridge such an epic novel into musical theater, to create the right mix of heightened drama without overstepping the boundaries and entering into melodrama, is an amazing feat…a musical that delivers on all accounts a deeply moving interpretation of Pasternak’s saga.”

—Kelli Rogers, Australian Stage, July 10, 2011

“Doctor Zhivago is an epic Russian romance that captivates the audience from its first Moscow moments to its final affirmation of love’s ability to triumph over politics and convention… But it’s really Lucy Simon’s score that really makes the musical, an evocative powerful score you’ll be humming for days afterwards.”

–Aimee Scott, Central Sydney, September 3, 2011







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